[PolyORB-users] pragma Linker_Options

Jerome Hugues hugues at infres.enst.fr
Mon Jan 17 22:11:36 CET 2005

Hi Simon,

Simon Wright (simon at pushface.org):

> These files still have this pragma,
>   src/dsa/polyorb-dsa_p.ads:   pragma Linker_Options ("-lpolyorb-dsa");
>   src/polyorb.ads:   pragma Linker_Options ("-lpolyorb");
>   src/corba/polyorb-corba_p.ads:   pragma Linker_Options ("-lpolyorb-corba");
>   src/giop/polyorb-giop_p.ads:   pragma Linker_Options ("-lpolyorb-giop");
>   src/moma/polyorb-moma_p.ads:   pragma Linker_Options ("-lpolyorb-moma");
>   src/soap/polyorb-soap_p.ads:   pragma Linker_Options ("-lpolyorb-soap");
> which isn't a complete set. And anyway, isn't Linker_Options
> problematic with static links?

It is problematic in many settings. They are to be removed as part of
a patch that will restore shared libraries.

> Use GPR files? for my build (corba, giop only), I've used

How do you use this project file ? Is this as a replacement for
polyorb-config ?


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