[PolyORB-users] pragma Linker_Options

Simon Wright simon at pushface.org
Tue Jan 18 22:21:49 CET 2005

> From: Jerome Hugues <hugues at infres.enst.fr>

> > Use GPR files? for my build (corba, giop only), I've used
> How do you use this project file ? Is this as a replacement for
> polyorb-config ?

The second project file I listed (Callback.gpr -- I tend to use title
case filenames for project files so they stick out) started 'with
"polyorb";'. So the command line would have been

  $ gnatmake -PCallback

(newer gnatmakes allow a space, -P Callback).

I suppose the polyorb-config use without 'with "polyorb";' would be

  $ gnatmake -PCallback \
      `polyorb-config --cflags` \
      -largs `polyorb-config --libs`

I think that for most of the users I deal with the first style would
be better. Of course if it's in a makefile there's not a lot of
difference in the actual invocation.

You do have to be careful to give the --cflags options to gnatmake
(Builder in the .gpr) and not just to the compiler, because the checks
for write-only .ali files are done by gnatmake, & you end up
rebuilding the world!

Clearly a simple script could convert polyorb-config's output to a
project file. I haven't used it in enough environments or with enough
variation to know whether Martin is right that there's a difference in

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