[PolyORB-users] gnat GPL 2008 and annex E

Thomas Quinot quinot at adacore.com
Wed Jun 18 14:53:18 CEST 2008

* xavier grave, 2008-06-18 :

> The trend seems to be to use polyorb instead of glade for distributed
> application.

Right, GLADE is being phased out and replaced with PolyORB as the
underlying PCS for annex E with GNAT.

> I have also started to package polyorb for debian in order to have annex
> E in next stable release (aka Lenny). I try to help also on glade
> packaging but PCS versioning render incompatible glade 2007 sources with
> gnat-4.3 that will be provided with next stable release.

Right, GLADE GPL 2007 can only be used in conjunction with GNAT GPL
> So I wonder if there is a GLADE 2008 GPL somewhere and if it can be
> released in order that we can wait for a full annex E implementation in
> polyorb ?

No, there won't be a GLADE GPL 2008, the only annex E implementation
available for GNAT GPL 2008 is the one provided by PolyORB GPL 2008.


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