[PolyORB-users] Limiting the number of connections at the server side

Jérôme Hugues hugues at infres.enst.fr
Wed Jun 25 14:45:34 CEST 2008

Hi Maciej,

Le 25 juin 08 à 14:09, Maciej Sobczak a écrit :

> Is it possible to limit the number of connections managed by a given
> PolyORB server? The problem I'm facing is a single server and
> practically unlimited number of clients that send a single request to
> the server. The connections are established and kept alive for the
> lifetime of the client, and they accumulate at the server above
> reasonable limits.
> I'm looking for a way to make the connection pool limited.

For now there is no such policy
Not this is mostly under the responsability of both the CORBA and the  
GIOP perso.

> 2. Close one of the existing connections if there is a new connection
> and the pool is full. This is acceptable and I can manage it at the
> client side properly.
> 3. Close the existing connection after discovering that it was not  
> used
> for the given time. This is acceptable.
> 4. Close the connection immediately after sending back the response.
> This is also OK.
> 5. Any other solution?

5. like omniORB, have a time-out and garbage-collect no longer used  

6. ensure your clients close the connections when they no longer use it

It looks like your client just spawns, sends a requests, then no  
longer interact, so you may
do a proper clean up of the system by calling CORBA.ORB.Shutdown

Note it is perfectly valid to call CORBA.ORB.Shutdown even if your  
process continues
to do some other computations. but I need to understand a bit more  
your client lifecycle.

Jérôme Hugues, ENST Paris

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