[PolyORB-users] Limiting the number of connections at the server side

Jérôme Hugues hugues at infres.enst.fr
Thu Jun 26 12:41:31 CEST 2008

Le 25 juin 08 à 15:24, Maciej Sobczak a écrit :

>> It looks like your client just spawns, sends a requests, then no  
>> longer
>> interact, so you may
>> do a proper clean up of the system by calling CORBA.ORB.Shutdown
> The clients continue interacting with *other* servers during their  
> whole
> lifetime, so it is not feasible to shut down their ORBs.

Then an alternative could be to make sure the client finalize properly  
ref. Yet, this implies modifying all clients.

> I would prefer to solve this problem at the server side, since this
> gives a single point of intervention.

I understand. Modifying all clients would be heavy

> One heavy-handed solution I can think of is to shut down the...  
> server's
> ORB perdiodically, so that *all* its connections are closed. Then the
> server can reinitialize and continue working, even without losing its
> state in the meantime.
> Committing a "communication suicide" at the server side is a bit risky
> and I hoped for some more lightweight solution.

Note this should be done in conjunction with both the CORBA and GIOP  

see 8.5 for how omniORB proceeds

I imagine this policy would be sufficient for your needs, but it  
depends on the ORB client you use

Implementing this policy in PolyORB would be technically possible, but  
requires resources.
We can hardly commit any deadline for implementing it, but we can  
provide guidance if anyone is
willing to.

Jérôme Hugues, ENST Paris

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