[PolyORB-users] PolyORB build failures

Jérôme Hugues hugues at infres.enst.fr
Fri Jun 27 09:34:51 CEST 2008

Marcela, please, CC:: this list ..

Le 26 juin 08 à 19:20, Marcelo Coraça de Freitas a écrit :

> One is described here:
> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=219219
> and it obviously has more to do with gentoo than with PolyORB.

Exact, it has to do with the fact that gentoo is packaging PolyORB  
2.1, and the svn has 2.5 ..

an easy workaround is to add a patch to the gentoo package to remove  
the "warning are errors" flags

> The other error I had is one of that "you found a GNAT bug" errors  
> with tons of information in the screen.. so I can't remember where  
> the error occurred exactly.

I need this info, this has been discussed in the past here, and  
someone proposed a patch
But note 2.1 is completely outdated, so please use a more recent  
release from libre.adacore.com
> I though you worked at AdaCore as PolyORB is hosted in the same  
> place as the gnat gpl edition.

No, I'm an associate professor at TELECOM ParisTech, an engineering  
school in Paris.
Part of my PhD work was on PolyORB, and I'm still involved in the  

I have some strong relationships with AdaCore, but I'm not paid by them.

> We started using GNAT GCC because it's free software covered by  
> GMGPL, which means we can still write proprietary code with it. GNAT  
> GPL is another matter (AFAIK it's pure GPL 2 and contaminates the  
> code).

which is safer given your situation

> It's a shame it doesn't have exactly the same license of the FSF/ 
> GCC's GNAT. It'd be great if both compilers could share a great  
> amount of new codding.

They do, you'll note activities from AdaCore on the GCC mailing list

Jérôme Hugues, ENST Paris

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