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Subject:    [gtkada] New Utility
Author: "Srinivasan; Rajagopalan  (IndSys; SalemVA)"
<Rajagopalan.Srinivasan at indsys.ge.com>
Date:       10/31/00 4:13 PM


I wrote a utility using GTKAda to help browse ada (source) libraries as in
the ADAINCLUDE libraries of gnat. The scanner component preprocesses a
directory and builds up a table of contents of unitname and file names. The
browser helps browse such a library. This will serve as an example of :

     - a recursive descent parser using an AFLEX generated scanner
     - using gnat.os_lib, gnat.directory_operations etc
     - GTKAda

The utility has been developed on a WinNT system though i atttempt to test
the versions in Linux RH 6.2 as well.

I would like to offer this utility as an example to newcomers to GTKAda. If
someone could provide some server space then i could upload this example.
Alternatively I can upload it to "www.freedrive.com" and provide a pointer.
I will be open to suggestions.

thanks and regards

R. Srinivasan
General Electric Industrial Systems
Engineering Services
1501 Roanoke Boulevard
Salem, VA 24153
mailto:Rajagopalan.Srinivasan at IndSys.ge.com
Phone : (540) 387-7870 Dial-Comm : 278-7870


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