[gtkada] Win32 implementation

Chris Sparks mrada at catalina-inter.net
Fri Nov 17 16:40:28 CET 2000

No I don't see that.  I have W2000 on my system at home and the only thing I see
weird is that AdaGIDE takes a very long time to load.  If you put another window
in front that seems to speed it up.

Chris Sparks

"Srinivasan, Rajagopalan (IndSys, SalemVA)" wrote:

> Does anyone see any random "freezes" of GTKAda applications on Win
> NT/Win2000?  Appears to happen more often on a Win2000 system though it does
> happen on WinNT 4
> I see them form alibrowse (http://alibrowse.sourceforge.net) occasionally
> particularly associated with a mouse click on a Unit Name (on the left
> pane).
> Any ideas would be appreciated.

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