[gtkada] Win32 implementation

Emmanuel Briot briot at gnat.com
Fri Nov 17 16:43:04 CET 2000

 > Does anyone see any random "freezes" of GTKAda applications on Win
 > NT/Win2000?  Appears to happen more often on a Win2000 system though it does
 > happen on WinNT 4

I don't think we have noticed them on gvd (the GNU visual debugger) either. We
tested it mostly on WinNT 4, and a little bit on Win98 (not on Win2000

Quick suggestion: If you are doing some manual drawings in a canvas or
something, you might want to check the result of Get_Count for the expose
event. This need to be 0, otherwise don't do anything.

I haven't looked at your code, and only briefly at alibrowse, so this might be
completly off-the-track.

Are you using any complex widget that might be doing a lot of redrawing ?


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