[gtkada] ANNOUNCE: GtkAda 1.2.10 & 1.3.10 available

Arnaud Charlet charlet at ACT-Europe.FR
Thu Nov 23 15:26:48 CET 2000

GtkAda 1.2.10/1.3.10 release

GtkAda is an Ada95 graphical toolkit based on Gtk+ version >= 1.2.2. It
allows you to develop graphical applications in Ada95 using Gtk+.

The primary download site is http://gtkada.eu.org

New features in 1.2.10/1.3.10 include:

- RPMs available for GNU/Linux x86
- Gtk.Type_Conversion is no longer needed for Gtk_List_Item
- Gtkada.File_Selection_Dialog does not crash any more on directory selection
  under NT.
- New example directory: powergnu, a simple presentation viewer.

New features in 1.2.9/1.3.9 include:

- GUI builder support fixes under Windows NT/2000.
- Gtk.Type_Conversion isn't needed for the most common widgets: Gtk_Label,
  Gtk_Menu_Item, Gtk_Button.
- Gtkada.Canvas: better positionning of items; links can be attached anywhere
  in the items, not necessarily the middle.
- GtkAda.File_Selection has been extended (see RM for details).
- Documentation update.
- Support for gdk-pixbuf 0.9
- Limited beta support for Gnome in src/gnome.

LSM entry follows:
Title:  GtkAda
Version: 1.2.10
Entered-date: 2000-11-23
Description: Ada95 graphical toolkit based on Gtk+ (version >= 1.2.2) 
Keywords: Ada95 Ada Gtk+ Gtk X Gui Glade Win32
Author: Emmanuel Briot <briot at gnat.com>, Joel Brobecker <jbrobecker at west.raytheon.com> and Arnaud Charlet <charlet at gnat.com>
Maintained-by: gtkada at ada.eu.org
Primary-site:  http://gtkada.eu.org
Original-site: http://ada.eu.org/gtkada/ 
Platforms: Solaris Linux Tru64 IRIX HP/UX NT AiX FreeBSD UnixWare
Copying-policy: GPL (with a slight modification, see headers of *.ad[bs] files

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