[gtkada] ANNOUNCE: GtkAda 1.2.10 & 1.3.10 available

Arnaud Charlet charlet at ACT-Europe.FR
Sun Nov 26 14:47:18 CET 2000

> Sorry, I am just wondering whether these RPMs are compatible with those done by Juergen Pfeiffer at
> http://www.gnuada.org/rpms313p.html. Are there now two maintainers for the RPMs ?.

With which RPMs exactly ? The GNAT ones ? The GtkAda ones ?
I guess our GtkAda RPMs should be compatible the the GNAT RPMs made by the
ALT group.

It seemed a natural extension for the GtkAda maintainers to also produce
RPMs, and I am sure Juergen will appreciate our effort, since he has little
spare time to produce these RPMs.

> What about Debian packaging which is also referred to at the the gnuada URL.

Not sure what your question is here.


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