[gtkada] ANNOUNCE: GtkAda 1.2.10 & 1.3.10 available

Arnaud Charlet charlet at ACT-Europe.FR
Sun Nov 26 22:57:36 CET 2000

> I think what he asks is which version of the GNAT compiler do one need?
> If GtkAda is compiled with Gnat 3.13p it won't necessarily work with
> Gnat <= 3.12p unless it is recompiled. 

The issue is the same with the RPMs from ALT, so I don't think this was
his question ;-)

For others: RPMs are provided as a convenience, that's all. The unix tar.gz
can always be used instead, but nowadays, people usually will prefer to
install precompiled RPMs over tar.gz files, even if these are easy to


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