[gtkada] GtkAda 1.3.10 on Win32

ANH_VO at udlp.com ANH_VO at udlp.com
Tue Nov 28 01:31:39 CET 2000


Is it the reason why Testgtk does not run on Win95/Win98?

Anh Vo

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Subject:    Re: [gtkada] GtkAda 1.3.10 on Win32
Author: Arnaud Charlet <charlet at ACT-Europe.FR>
Date:       11/27/00 6:42 PM

> When I try to build powergnu I am not able to find the package spec for
> Gdk.Pixbuf. How did I mess up my installation? Any clues.

Pixbuf isn't currently supported under windows.


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