[gtkada] Re: ANNOUNCE: GtkAda 1.2.10 & 1.3.10 available

Arnaud Charlet charlet at ACT-Europe.FR
Tue Nov 28 08:47:52 CET 2000

> I hope this makes clear that we are aware of the problems
> and that we are addressing them.

Thanks for your message Jurgen.
We are definitely willing to share experience with Juergen and get something
as reasonable as possible given the two different goals.

Note for example that GNAT already has a documented mechanism to handle
additional libraries automatically, using the ada_source_path and
ada_object_path files located in the 2.8.1 directory.

I believe ALT should use this scheme instead of the "fixed" additional prefix.
This will cause less maintenance troubles, is fully documented and supported,
and is target independent.


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