[gtkada] GtkAda 1.3.10 on Win32

Arnaud Charlet charlet at ACT-Europe.FR
Tue Nov 28 15:26:42 CET 2000

> I am not able to build testgtk (libart_demo.ads is missing!?!) . There is an
> executable already though which appears to work alright.

Ok, so that's a build problem. Build problems are always easier to handle ;-)

To build testgtk under windows, use the following magic incantation:

gnatmake -I../lib -Iopengl -Ipixbuf testgtk -largs -llw -lopengl32 -lglu32

We'll add the following README in the testgtk directory to make this clearer,
how does that sound ?

This is the GtkAda version of the C testgtk program, demonstrating the
use of most of the GtkAda widgets. Many improvements have been made compared
to the original C implementation.

This is both a test program, a source of examples, and a nice demo of the
GtkAda technology.

To build it under unix, simply type make after having configured GtkAda.

To build it under windows, use the following command:

gnatmake -I../lib -Iopengl -Ipixbuf testgtk -largs -llw -lopengl32 -lglu32


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