[gtkada] Suggestion re GtkAda.File_Selection

Bobby D. Bryant bdbryant at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Nov 28 23:11:41 CET 2000

I like the File_Selection_Dialog, but I'm concerned that Joe User will
not understand that the window's title is the instruction for what s/he
is supposed to do.  It's pretty obvious that you are supposed to pick a
file, but it will not always be obvious what you are picking a file
for.  (Some window managers provide a very small title, and I know at
least one user -- me -- who always mentally tunes them out anyway.)

So I write to ask whether you are interested in putting the same string
as a label somewhere on the dialog itself, where it looks more like a
prompt string, or else revising the widget to add a separate argument to
be used as the prompt string.

My feelings are mixed as to exactly *where* a prompt should go in the
dialog box.  My first intuition is either centered at the top, or else
just above the buttons.


Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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