[gtkada] GtkAda 1.3.10 on Win32

ANH_VO at udlp.com ANH_VO at udlp.com
Tue Nov 28 18:18:05 CET 2000


It sounds great except one tiny thing. That is to make it perfectly correct that
forward slash be replaced by the backward slash. This tiny thing can save some
headaches when switching between Unix and Windows.

Anh Vo

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Subject:    Re: [gtkada] GtkAda 1.3.10 on Win32
Author: Arnaud Charlet <charlet at ACT-Europe.FR>
Date:       11/28/00 3:26 PM

> I am not able to build testgtk (libart_demo.ads is missing!?!) . There is an
> executable already though which appears to work alright.

Ok, so that's a build problem. Build problems are always easier to handle ;-)

To build testgtk under windows, use the following magic incantation:

gnatmake -I../lib -Iopengl -Ipixbuf testgtk -largs -llw -lopengl32 -lglu32

We'll add the following README in the testgtk directory to make this clearer,
how does that sound ?

This is the GtkAda version of the C testgtk program, demonstrating the
use of most of the GtkAda widgets. Many improvements have been made compared
to the original C implementation.

This is both a test program, a source of examples, and a nice demo of the
GtkAda technology.

To build it under unix, simply type make after having configured GtkAda.

To build it under windows, use the following command:

gnatmake -I../lib -Iopengl -Ipixbuf testgtk -largs -llw -lopengl32 -lglu32


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