[gtkada] gate problem

Alexey V. Litvinov lialsoftlab at mail.ru
Wed Sep 27 08:40:48 CEST 2000

-----Èñõîäíîå ñîîáùåíèå-----
Îò: Kevin Knepshield <kevknep at home.com>
Êîìó: gtkada at gtkada.eu.org <gtkada at gtkada.eu.org>
Äàòà: 27 ñåíòÿáðÿ 2000 ã. 10:43
Òåìà: [gtkada] gate problem

>        c:\gtkada-1.3.8\bin\mkdir:  cannot make directory `.gate/test1/tmp`
>no such file or directory
>        c:/gtkada~1.8/bin/gate.sh:  permission denied:

I have simular problems in win98.
mkdir tries to create "c:" dir... ;-)
And many others.
Origin of problems .sh script, but I am not too experience with unix scripts
to improve it.
Only workaround I found is to start "gate-in projectname.gate" in command
line manually
and then gnatchop'ing it's output.
In addition to this .sh script must save changes was made by  programmer in
generated source
and later when project changed  and source files regenerated incorporate it
back. It is good thing,
but it doesn't work under Win.

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