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Considering that SPARK 2014 allows, even encourages, a lot of mixing of SPARK and non-SPARK code, does it make sense to provide some way for the tools to read flow information and other aspects (post conditions, say) from an auxiliary file prepared by the user? I'm thinking about the case when someone wants to use a third party Ada library and can't reasonably edit the source of the specifications. Perhaps something along the lines of the way shadow files work currently would do the trick.


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> > We will also need to come up with a way of telling the flow analyser 
> > how to represent the Text_IO functions. This could be by adding 
> > global and derives annotations to the library functions or building 
> > the knowledge into the flow analyser.
> The first option would be preferrable.

Agreed, much more flexible and preferable maintenance wise to be able to add these in the sources directly rather than build into the tool itself.

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