[Spark2014-discuss] [M122-037] specifying SPARK sources for analysis

Arnaud Charlet charlet at adacore.com
Thu Mar 14 13:01:01 CET 2013

> Was there was some progress on this issue at the last design meetings?
> Thanks in advance.

In particular, one of the initial objections to proposals was that we
needed to first list use cases before deciding on the syntax/solution.

So, can someone (Andrew or Jon or Trevor?) summarize all the use cases
identified so far, and summarize where we are in terms of proposal, if
anything has been discussed?

Note that I've reassigned this ticket to me, to converge/finalize this ticket
since it's now time to wrap up all major language features at this point,
we need to converge now and have a "feature freeze" in the RM occur soon,
otherwise we will never be able to unblock other activities (tests and
implementation) in time.


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