[Spark2014-discuss] [M122-037] specifying SPARK sources for analysis

Arnaud Charlet charlet at adacore.com
Thu Mar 14 18:20:29 CET 2013

OK, at this stage I believe I have a relatively clear idea on where
we are and what the various positions/ideas are.

Since I've now spent quite some time reviewing/modifying the
related-but-orthogonal topic of "Code Policies" (M226-014) which I
fully understand, I'm volunteering to take the lead on this topic, and
will work on summarizing things and come up with a proposal taking into
account all the discussions so far.

So I guess I'll write some sort of "SPARK Issue", although probably in
a different form from "Ada Issues", since I'm not very familiar with those.

The idea is that I come up with such summary+proposal sufficiently in
advance so that we can discuss it during the 26th March SPARK concall.

How does that sound?


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