[Spark2014-discuss] [M419-022] IMPORTANT: git repository was re-created

Yannick Moy moy at adacore.com
Thu May 2 11:11:19 CEST 2013

We have re-created the SPARK 2014 repository (thanks Joel!). You should move away your existing clone, and clone the new repository:

$ git clone git+ssh://yourname@scm.forge.open-do.org//scmrepos/git/spark2014/spark2014.git

(The old directory was saved on the forge machine under old-spark2014, just in case.)

You can resume then work with the new repository, pulling and pushing changes as you wish!
I'll soon make the spark2014 forge and mailing-lists public.
The next step will be to move hi-lite stuff to spark2014, by the end of the month. I'll inform you when this happens.

-- Yannick Moy (2013-04-30)
> Please read the following carefully if you use the git repository of spar2014 project on Open-DO.
> With the end of project Hi-Lite soon, we plan to move the content of project hi-lite to project spark2014. This requires first that spark2014 becomes an open project:
> - the git repository becomes publicly readable (but still writable by a designated set of people)
> - the mailing-list spark2014-discuss@ becomes public
> - *but* the wiki remains private, for discussions between developers/researchers involved
> This makes it necessary to move away all the private information contained in 5 directories:
>   altran_latex_style tdp integration_tests flow_test_plan proposals
> The first 4 were created by Altran. The last one contains project prooposals between AdaCore and KSU.
> We have just moved them to some private repository shared between AdaCore and Altran. John & Patrice, you may want to copy the content of the proposals repository to one of your internal repos at KSU as well. Of course, I can at any time send you an archive with the content of this directory.
> The next step is to remove the content of these directories from the git history, and re-create the repository online. THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL NEED TO CLONE THE NEW REPOSITORY. YOU WILL NEED TO RECREATE MANUALLY ALL LOCAL CHANGES. Joel (in copy) already prepared the new directory, but I'd like to check that nobody has important changes to push before we do this. The last commit of the recreated repository will be:
> commit 9a69c9305babf8ef4ed91328a8a96e6da427ee04
> Author: Pavlos Efstathopoulos <pavlos.efstathopoulos at altran-praxis.com>
> Date:   Mon Apr 29 09:04:53 2013 +0100
>    Added N_Slice to the nodes that flow analysis is dealing with.
> Thanks for letting me know today if this is a problem.
> Please do not modify the repository until further notice (unless you're willing to copy manually the changes.)

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