[Spark2014-discuss] [L621-012] formal semantics of SPARK 2014

Yannick Moy moy at adacore.com
Thu May 2 19:49:17 CEST 2013

-- Robby (2013-05-02)
>>>> PS: We are still in the process of making a distribution for the
>>>> toolset so that you can easily install it in your machine.
>>>> gnat2xml (hence, our translators) depend on a certain "development"
>>>> wavefront/version of GNAT Pro
> We have posted an updated Sireum Bakar documentation that includes
> tool installation as well as development environment setup at:
> http://sireum.github.io/doc/bakar/

Already? Great! I'll try it as soon as I get a free slot. (tonight? ;))
Yannick Moy, Senior Software Engineer, AdaCore

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