[Spark2014-discuss] [L621-012] formal semantics of SPARK 2014

Robby robby at ksu.edu
Thu May 2 20:07:20 CEST 2013

>> We have posted an updated Sireum Bakar documentation that includes
>> tool installation as well as development environment setup at:
>> http://sireum.github.io/doc/bakar/
> Already? Great! I'll try it as soon as I get a free slot. (tonight? ;))

I should perhaps qualify "tool" here.  :)
It is mostly for the translators at this point; for example, it does
not include Alir and Kiasan v2 targeting Spark 2014 (however, you can
install Bakar v1 under Eclipse that were used for the HILT tutorial --
see https://www.sireum.org/features).
The GPS plugin (Bakar v1, and later for v2 when they are ready to be
integrated) is not ready yet; Jakub is creating a presentation to show
case some of its features that we hope to share soon.


PS: Note that in the doc, we direct people to ask AdaCore for a
specific GNAT Pro (and ASIS) wavefront. Of course, once we have a GPL
version, the tool installation would be seamless. ;) *hint*

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